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Benefits of Advertisement ::
SSRL Battery Business Directory offers exciting Advertising opportunities for Traders & Service Providers to promote their business. Online advertising offers you a unique package. It reaches out to a large, global market, based on what market demographics you wish to target. The SSRL Battery Business Directory has a rapidly growing audience and unmatched tools to track it.
Benefits :
Get Targeted traffic and increased number of hits to your website through SSRL Battery Business Directory listing. Unlike broadcast and print media, the SSRL Battery Business Directory allows advertisers to target exactly who will see their ads and in what context. It is easier for advertisers to find a receptive market for their products and services.
Segmented and prominent positioning related to your Products and Industry ensures enhanced visibility and higher probability of a buyer and a prospective customer reaching your website.
Cost effective advertisement which is cheaper & reliable than any other media ads. You save on printing and mailing costs for catalogs and brochures, since they would be available for on the internet for browsing your business information by the customer.
Communicate by millions of people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year!
Save on time and money for sales & distribution.
Scalability : Like television commercials, it doesn't cost very much to increase the reach of an online ad campaign. There's no need to print additional copies of a magazine or to create and send direct mail pieces. Expanding the size of your ad campaign can be as easy as sending an email or clicking on a Web page.
Hot demographics : The online community is more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend money than the population at large - even as more and more people go online.
Targeted Messages : Web publications serve every conceivable audience, from the mass market to obscure niche groups.
Deep Content : Unlike commercials or print ads, a SSRL Battery Business Directory listing is only the beginning of the process. While your listing might present your branding message and interested prospects can always click on it.
Competitive form of advertising Online advertising can be extremely competitive with other forms of advertising because you pay only for exactly what you're getting.
Free Registration : Registration with SSRL Battery Business Directory is FREE available for its users. Be a part of SSRL Battery Business Directory and use its services whenever you want.
User ID & Password : SSRL Battery Business Directory provides a unique member ID & Password to its users. Through this Registered ID & Password you can make changes in your listing anytime, from anywhere without paying anything.
User Friendly : SSRL Battery Business Directory are user friendly you can browse Pages by Category, by party name, by phone number, and by Location etc.
Send Enquiry E-mail Form : All listings will have Send Enquiry e-mail form attached with it. Viewers will be able to send you message or query through this form, SMS Alert facility will be activated to all registered members whenever enquiry given by any party.
Website Link : If you have your own website then a link will be given to your existing website, so that anyone can see your website. A link will automatically open in new window.
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